Priority Day

Priority Day

Upgrade your business in a single day.

The problem most founders have is being too reactive. Rather than focusing efforts on the things that matter, we deal with whatever pops up that day.

Priority Day is for bootstrapped founders who want to improve systems so they can spend less time working in the business and focus more effort on getting results.

Priority Day is simple. It’s the one day each month that we’re laser-focused on achieving what the business needs to get to the next level.


We’ll upgrade your business through a two-pronged approach.

Priority Sprint. We’ll target the priorities that really matter for the business and focus on same-day achievement.

Priority Deliverable. We’ll conclude the day by coming up with a single deliverable that you can work on to keep the momentum going until the next Priority Day.

Priority Day is month-to-month. If you get value from the first one and your business has more room for improvement, let’s do another one next month. Stop anytime.


Priority Day is guaranteed to pay for itself by generating more value than the cost. If Priority Day doesn’t deliver on that promise, you choose the price.

Running a business is full of risk, but choosing a partner to help improve your business and increase profitability should be risk-free.

At the end of Priority Day, you’ll evaluate what was accomplished and the value to your business. No one pays more than the value created.



$ 3500
  • Priority Day
  • Austin, TX or Remote


$ 4500
  • Priority Day
  • Austin, TX or Remote
  • Mid-Month Call


$ 5500
  • Priority Day
  • Austin, TX or Remote
  • Mid-Month Call
  • Email Anytime


I created Priority Day because it’s the results-focused program I wish I had as a bootstrapped founder. I’ve hired consultants, worked with business coaches, joined entrepreneurship peer groups, and paid for EOS implementors. They’ve all been helpful in a variety of ways, but in each case something was missing.

Priority Day integrates the lessons I’ve learned over two decades while adding three important elements to make it a powerful experience that delivers results.

  • Priority Sprint. Strategy sessions are great for brainstorming and setting long-term goals, but often our attention is pulled in other directions and half the projects never get completed. Priority Day is a focused sprint that ends with problems solved, value created, and a feeling of accomplishment.
  • Done With You. Imagine getting a partner without giving up any equity. I’ll be rolling up my sleeves and working alongside you, bringing a partner-mindset and two decades of experience as a bootstrapped founder.
  • Priority Deliverable. By the end of Priority Day, we’ll have upgraded your business in a single day, but wait… there’s more. You’re going to capitalize on this momentum and choose one thing that’s due in 30 days. Studies show that having an accountability partner doubles the rate of success in achieving goals, so I’ve built that into Priority Day to maximize your results.


Priority Day is a full-day experience. If you’re in Austin, we can meet at my office or yours. Of course, remote meetings work too.

The day will progress through six phases, with the majority of our time spent in the Focused Sprint.

  • Icebreaker
  • Exploration
  • Prioritization
  • Focused Sprint
  • Decide Deliverable
  • Evaluation


If you’re ready to upgrade your business in a single day or just want to learn more, let’s talk about what the Priority Day experience would be like for you.

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