Priority Day

Upgrade your business in a single day.

Work on Your Business

You already know that you need to be working on your business, not just in your business.But actually creating the time & space necessary and then executing is a real challenge.

Complete Projects

Setting a target date months away is counter-productive to achieving our goals. Trying to find time to work on a project here and there means it's not a priority and reduces the chances of success.Instead, we need a small amount of planning in advance and laser-focus for a single day.

No Distractions

How do the Amish build a barn in a single day? They plan in advance to have everything they'll need already in place, then they show up and focus only on that project - no distractions allowed.We're also going to use a technique called the Spotlight Effect that helps Olympic athletes perform better than everyone else on the planet.It's amazing what we can accomplish when we focus on one thing and set the expectation that there will be no interruptions.

How to Start

Priority Day is currently invitation-only.Join the waitlist to learn more and get your invite.



I'll be in touch.- Matt LaPrairie